Five Hostas

Hostas are the bad-boys of shade gardening: They come in literally hundreds of named forms with leaves that vary in size from 1 inch to 2 ft across. They go particularly well with ferns and other fine leaved plants like box: just look at all the textures in the picture above! (click on it to see the real details) But take care: Hosta come in soooo many different forms, colours and textures that collecting them can become addictive. I’ve resisted, and tried to use them only to add interest, not to become the main attractions. Except for today. Today they get a blog-post of their very own. Continue reading


White Asphodel

This is the White asphodel (Asphodelus albus) a plant which is found in the wild from southern Spain to the Balkans. It’s a bee-friendly, garden-worthy, uber-rarity with lots of mediterranean charm.  Continue reading

Foliage is all you need for a serene aesthetic

This dramatic image – part of the new beds in our back garden – demonstrates the power of foliage alone to create really stylish compositions.

Most of the drama comes from the fresh upright growth of the white foxgloves, but their magnificent silver backed spires are shown off so well by the structural foliage around them. Continue reading

The Lawn Garden – NEW!


I have just added a series of pages about the latest area of my garden to be completed. I’ve called it ‘The Lawn Garden’ because… well you can see why. It’s an ornamental garden, based on clipped evergreens, lots of lovely foliage textures and classy white flowers. I’m really proud of the design which managed to connect many disparate parts of the garden to our new extension and still look great. Hope you find some inspiration here.

Take a look at the new pages with lots of lovely photos and information on the design and construction.