Garden Features

Garden features can mean anything from a water feature to a dramatic flower pot or statue. Many people expect they can simply buy a feature and add it to their garden to enhance it. This rarely works without a good deal of planning and design to make sure all of the elements are in harmony. I trust the features in my garden integrate with the overall design and aesthetic, and also that they provide you with some inspiration.

Trained Fruit

I have trained a dozen fruit trees into interesting forms on fences and walls throughout the garden.

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This pond is the central feature of the vegetable parterre. It has been developed over a several years and is now a really delightful part of the garden.

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The Sentry Box

I built this little seating area early on in our time here. It doubles as a place to dump garden tools but also forms as a key viewpoint along one axis of the vegetable parterre.

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Clipped Evergreens

Clipped box, lonicera, yew and privet create formal structure throughout the garden. Hedges and topiary: all essential element of classic English design.

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The Lawn

I sowed this fine rectangular lawn from seed. It’s a pleasure to keep it looking at its best as it forms the centrepiece of our rear garden.

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Decking Steps

These anthracite grey steps link our kitchen extension to the Lawn Garden. Their simple design employs a few tricks that ensure they are stylish and practical.

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Vistas and Views

I suppose this is quite a formal garden. There are several axial vistas which have been designed to enhance particular views. They are also quite photogenic!

Borrowed View

Outdoor Kitchen

This is a compact outdoor kitchen with gas plancha BBQ, sink and tap. Designed to make eating outdoors a regular thing.

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