White Martagon Lilies

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This is the white Marathon or Turk’s Cap Lily (Lilium martagon var. album). I grow these bulbs in the dappled shade of a cherry tree in my Woodland Permaculture garden. It is a notable late-flowering (June) woodland plant, creating bright highlights at a time of year when most other shade loving plants have finished flowering. It’s narrow profile enable it to be planted between lower growing plants which it rises above before flowering. Continue reading


Five Hostas

Hostas are the bad-boys of shade gardening: They come in literally hundreds of named forms with leaves that vary in size from 1 inch to 2 ft across. They go particularly well with ferns and other fine leaved plants like box: just look at all the textures in the picture above! (click on it to see the real details) But take care: Hosta come in soooo many different forms, colours and textures that collecting them can become addictive. I’ve resisted, and tried to use them only to add interest, not to become the main attractions. Except for today. Today they get a blog-post of their very own. Continue reading

Shady corner bed planting

(April 2018)

This little bed is about 8ft wide and 5ft deep. It sits below a window next to my desk at the front of our house. It is nestled between the porch (to the right) and the neighbours house (to the left), making it pretty shady, although it receives afternoon sun for an hour or so in the afternoon.

Despite being small and snug it provides plenty of texture and interest throughout the year. Most of the plants are evergreen or semi-evergreen (ferns), with the exception of the tree peony which is deciduous. Continue reading