ID Parade

Can you identify these three apples?
A. (left) 129 g. Sweet, fruity, aromatic, mildly acidic.
B. (centre) 213 g. Sweet, floral, crisp, well balanced acidity.
C. (right) 165 g. Honey-sweet, aromatic, crunchy, tangy, fruity bouquet.

It has been a very good season for apples in my garden this year. I train my fruit trees as espaliers and cordons so do not get vast numbers – which is good – but I do get good plently of good quality fruits, and this year some were very large. As you can see above I collected three of the largest specimens for comparison, the smallest variety being 7cm across, the largest 9cm.

I’m pretty sure about variety A and B, but if C is the variety claimed on the label then it should only be 5 – 6 cm diameter. Or perhaps I have just grown the largest examples known! 

So, can you identify the three varieties above?

Answers on a post card please (or perhaps it would be quicker just to leave a comment below?)


5 thoughts on “ID Parade

    • No, no, and maybe. But good try!
      The first does have Cox as one of its parents.
      The second is a modern ‘supermarket’ variety like Gala.
      But the third is a mystery to me too. I’m hoping someone can positively identify it!

      • Just checked back through your apple posts – is the first one a sunset? Also, am sure the last one is a russet, I have come across v. bug russets in the past. Also, talking about the past I am Sophie from Hastings years ago *waves hello*

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