The Green Roof – first planting

<< Stonecrop (Sedum spectabile)
The sedums are often used on green roofs, but they are usually the dwarf, creeping species. How will the large sedum spactabile fare with only 10cm of soil?  As you can I have left the winter seed heads, which are effective in their own right. 

Thrift (Armeria maritima ‘splendens’) >>
A stalwart of green roof planting. This is one of Britian’s toughest plants surviving on exposed cliff edges in shallow soils. It gradually spreads into an evergreen grass-like carpet, that needs no trimming. The flowers are pale pink – deep pink in the variety ‘Splendens’.

<< Spring bulbs
I planted many groups of spring bulbs, including white and purple crocus, blue grape hyacinth, purple Iris reticulata and silver-mauve Allium christophii (just peeping through in this photo). The Iris and Allium like a good roasting in summer to ripen the bulbs

Sedge (Carex oshimensis ‘Evergold’) >>
This sedge has a cream stripe down the centre of each bright green leaf, making the whole plant light up, especially on dull days. It is surprisingly drought tollerant, and manages well in the harsh environment of the green-roof.

<< Stonecrop (Sedum spathulifolium ‘Purpureum’)
Varieties of sedum are the commonest species used on green roofs. They are succulent and very drought tolerant. I have planted about fifty plants from the following species: s. acre, s. spathulifolium ‘Capo Blanco’ and ‘Purpureum’, s. reflexum, and s. spurium.  


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